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5MM 2019

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March 28 - April 13, 2019

Thursday - Saturday at 8PM

Monday, April 1 at 8PM

Sunday, April 7 at 3PM

Studio 101

1824 Spring Street

Houston, Texas 77007

Tickets: $20


Groups of 7 or more: $12

The Fourth Annual FIVE MINUTE MILE 

A Unique Five Minute Play Festival

Artistic Director: Micheal Weems

Directors: Renata Smith and Christine Weems

Actors: Kacie Adams, Audrey Burkhart, John Carraro, Dano Colon, Kelsey Finstad, Bailey Hampton, Cheramie Hopper, Cody House, Brittney Jones, Sarah Keller, Chance McMillan and Drew Oliver.

We will be again staging this one-of-a-kind theatre festival. After reviewing over 375 submissions from across the country, we have selected 32 plays and monologues that will be performed by an ensemble of 12 actors.

Each evening, twenty (20) plays will be performed off book by these actors. Eight (8) of those plays will be set for each evening, six (6) will be drawn at random by audience members when they arrive and the last six (6) will be voted on by the audience (based on title, the blurb the playwright provided, and word of mouth). Every night will be a different experience! 

Our selected 32 plays and monologues for our 2019 festival!

And Then by Christine Weems

The verbal wordplay escalates when two women meet at the bar and the conversation starts with "Can I buy you a drink?". (Play)​ (Brittney Jones and Sarah Keller)

Balls by Emily Hageman

Feminist revenge dodgeball.  Yeah, it's as satisfying as it sounds.

(Play) (Kacie Adams, Audrey Burkhart, John Carraro, Dano Colon,  Bailey Hampton, Cheramie Hopper, Brittney Jones, Sarah Keller, Chance McMillan and Drew Oliver)

Coming Out by Daniel Potter

A twist on the classic troupe of coming out, but instead of coming out about sexual orientation, it's a coming out of political ideology. In brief, a young adult son comes out as Republican to his parents, who do not handle it very well. (Play) (Audrey Burkhart, Cody House and Chance McMillan)

Curves by Lindsay Partain

Grinch bellies, self-esteem, women's only gym's, and a lack of self-control are the driving forces behind this comedic monologue.

(Monologue) (Kelsey Finstad)

Dark Side by Laura Bellomy

A play about death, coping mechanisms, and expectations. (Play) (Kacie Adams and Dano Colon)

Denial by Steven Hayet

A short play about Celebrity Sex Rehab inspired by Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me." (Play) (Cody House, Chance McMillan and Drew Oliver)

Driven by Alex Dremann

Olive and Kenneth have both lost their sex drive at exactly the same moment on a Thursday night. (Play) (Bailey Hampton and Cody House)

For Your Safety by Kay Phillips

A man has a one night stand with a flight attendant who takes her job way too seriously. (Play) (Cody House and Sarah Keller)

The Heart of It by Inna Tsyrlin

There are so many heartbreaks that she carries around, but now she must say goodbye to them, perhaps forever. (Monologue) (Audrey Burkhart)

Hyding in Plain Sight by Bryan Maynard

The police are closing in on Mr. Hyde and he needs to disappear without a trace. All he has to do is convince Doctor Jekyll to cover his tracks. (Monologue) (John Carraro)

Incredibly Cute by Rachael Carnes

What if your phone could tell you how it feels?  A monologue in a box. (Monologue) (Cody House)

Inga Roundhead by Alex Dremann

Cavewoman Inga is evolving much faster than her Neanderthal husband, Nagog, and she finds this just exhausting. (Play) (John Carraro and Cheramie Hopper)

An Invitation to My Circus by Charlene Donaghy

Where is the line between desire, insanity, and truth? For Sheryl Sutton, the avant-garde actor who haunted the stages of Paris and New York in the 1960s and 1970s, the answer to that question lies in the veils and sword swallowing of a circus, more akin to acting than clowning. Are you brave enough to join her? (Monologue) (Brittney Jones)

The Juggler Who Lost His Arms In A Rodeo Fire by John Weagly

Lily remembers a rodeo man and the features that made him the love of her life. (Monologue) (Sarah Keller)

Kill Them with Kindness by Kate Danley

They say a positive outlook is the best medicine. But maybe it's not. (Play) (Sarah Keller, Chance McMillan and Drew Oliver)

The Lawyer Zone by Paul Braverman

Dan is a just a regular, working guy, who likes to end his day with a relaxing stroll in the park.  But this evening, Dan has taken a wrong turn, finding a part of the park he’s never seen before.  If Dan knows what’s good for him, he’ll find his way back out, while keeping a firm grip on his wallet. (Play) (Audrey Burkhart, John Carraro, Bailey Hampton, Cody House and Chance McMillan)

Lipstick by Lojo Simon

Lovey cares for the wounded Sumaira in a war-zone hospital where hope may be the best healer. (Play) (Audrey Burkhart and Brittney Jones)

The Men in the Mirror by Ken Preuss

features a nervous woman and a female officer as they view a line-up of men through a two-way mirror. (Play) (John Carraro, Cheramie Hopper, Cody House, Sarah Keller, Chance McMillan and Drew Oliver)

Milwaukee by David Lewison

A world-weary waitress recounts her brief romance with an unusually kind-hearted man. (Monologue) (Cheramie Hopper)

My Father’s Flag by Daniel Guyton and Colin Thon

Three soldiers pay tribute to their fathers, who died in three separate wars. (Play) (Audrey Burkhart, John Carraro and Chance McMillan)

My Mom, The Éléphant by Cristina Luzarraga     

A woman recounts the relationship between her mother and elephants. (Monologue) (Bailey Hampton)

Nachos Supreme by Jeff Smith

When Harry wakes up on best friend Julia's couch after a long and complicated night out, there's only one thing on his mind: what exactly did I say last night? (Play) (Kacie Adams and Drew Oliver)

Night Shift by David Lewison

A warehouse worker remains haunted by his relationship with a waitress who walked out on them both. (Monologue) (Chance McMillan)

One Ring by Caity-Shea Violette

Lord of the Rings Cosplayers Celeste and Michael are waiting for their hired officiant to arrive for their wedding, but when they requested and “Elven Officiant,” the company heard “Elvis.” (Play) (Kacie Adams, Dano Colon and Drew Oliver)

The Shirt by Ellen Davis Sullivan

A woman is outraged when she finds her brother is about to go to their mother’s funeral in a Hawaiian shirt. What he reveals about their mother puts his decision in a different light. (Play) (John Carraro and Cheramie Hopper)

Stupid Girl by Mark Harvey Levine

You shouldn't keep your memories in things. (Monologue) (Kacie Adams)

Three Artistic Proofs by Adina Owen

Adam recalls his first memory of his best friend (and former enemy) in a college rhetoric class. (Monologue) (Dano Colon)

Thursday Afternoon in the Time Travel Waiting Room by Scott Mullen

Two people who meet in the time travel waiting room ponder whether or not they've really thought things through. (Play) (John Carraro and Bailey Hampton)

Time the Revelator by John Patrick Bray 

A fairly new couple finds out the true meaning of love and Christmas while negotiating over a pocket watch at a pop-up Christmas tree lot on Christmas Eve. (Play) (Cheramie Hopper and Drew Oliver)

T.O.A.S.T by Kay Phillips

A jealous personal assistant device fights for the attention of her creator when his fiancée visits. (Play) (Dano Colon, Bailey Hampton and Brittney Jones)

Up by DJ Cahan

What happens when a wild girl, just out of reform school and an engaged man get stuck in an elevator? (Play) (Dano Colon and Brittney Jones)

Zombie Speed Dating by Ron Burch

A zombie tries to find love. (Play) (Kacie Adams and Cody House)

This project is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.

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