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Cone Man Running is grateful to have our own home in Spring Street Studios.  It allows us the opportunity to create more unique and interesting opportunities for the writers, directors, actors and designers in Houston's theatre community as well as across the world.


What else have we been up to?

For the past 12 years, Cone Man Running Productions has championed new works in Houston, created innovative theater experiences, and provided playful support of our community. Some of our highlights include:

  • 18 world and 6 regional premieres

  • awarded the 2017 Houston Press Mastermind Award

  • donated almost $14,000 and 3,000 canned goods to the Houston Food Bank through our semi-annual charity show Spontaneous Smattering

  • produced non-traditional theatrical events, like the Cone Man Capers, the Five Minute Mile short play festival and the Pass and Go staged reading series

  • produced an audioplay podcast - The War of the Words: An Audioplay Bracket Battle where we have already premiered more than 179 original short audioplays

What does your Tax Deductible Donation help with?​


-Rights for Plays

-Set Materials



-Stipends for Actors, Designers, and Crew

-Operating Cost (website hosting, concessions, cleaning supplies, marketing materials)

What kind of donations are there?

Be a season sponsor (any amount) and get your name in all our digital show programs and website!


Be a show sponsor ($100 or more) and get your name in that show's print program and digital program, the show's webpage and during our curtain speech of the show!

You want to know more about the season/shows to make your decision? Click here


Season 2023-2024 Sponsors

Jeffry Abrams

Joe Alexander

Stacy Williams Bakri

Brandon Barchus
Patrick Barton
​​​​​​​Malinda L Beckham-Cone 
Allan Brain
Karla Brandau

Rachel Brownhill
Troy Chandler
Autumn Clack
Brett Dressler
Conor Farrell
Bailey Hampton
Janet Hansen
Stephanie Kelso
Joel & Ruth S McCleskey

Patrice McKinney
Susan Noe
Kathryn Noser

Copper Buthman Paradiso
Ben Plopper
Michael Raabe
Sandra Peck Ramsey
Lee Raymond
Katherine Rinaldi

Helen Rios
Jason Jonathon Rivas
Adam Roberson
John William S
Stephanie Howe Sullivan
William Tynan

Hilary Unger
Christine & Michael Weems

Show Sponsors

Lance Zierlein (The Greatest Play in the History of the World...)

Autumn Clack (Melancholy Play)

Ruth McCleskey (Melancholy Play)

Katheine Rinaldi (Melancholy Play)

Tom and Yvonne Rinaldi (Melancholy Play)

Joe and Kalin Black (Surviving the Night)

How do you do it?

You can either mail a check made payable to:

Cone Man Running Productions

1824 Spring Street Studios 

Suite 233

Houston, Texas 77007

or you can click below to donate online!

All donations are tax deductible!              

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