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5MM 2021

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The Fifth Annual FIVE MINUTE MILE 

A Unique Five Minute Play Festival

Artistic Director: Michael Weems

Directors: Kacie Adams and Christine Weems

Actors: Kacie Adams, Callina Anderson, Dolly Cruise, Mark Gonzalez, Rafael Lozano, Adina Owen, Katherine Rinaldi, Scott Searles, Alexandra Szeto-Joe, Chris Szeto-Joe and David Toscano.

We will be again staging this one-of-a-kind theatre festival. After reviewing over 400 submissions from across the country, we have selected 32 plays and monologues that will be performed by an ensemble of 11 actors.

Each evening, twenty (20) plays will be performed off book by these actors. Eight (8) of those plays will be set for each evening, six (6) will be drawn at random by audience members when they arrive and the last six (6) will be voted on by the audience (based on title, the blurb the playwright provided, and word of mouth). Every night will be a different experience! 

Our selected 32 plays and monologues for our 2021 festival!

Admission Impossible by Tom Moran

The father of a prospective student shows up at a college admissions office with a wad of cash and an unusual request. (play) (Dolly Cruise and Mark Gonzalez)


Anatomically Correct Ice Sculpture of My Heart by Steven San Luis

Brad is the object of a reality dating show. Kandy can't understand why she didn't win a cold statue of his cardiovascular muscle. (play) (Callina Anderson and Mark Gonzalez)


And Before the Swimsuit Competition by Christine Weems

One beauty pageant - I'm sorry, scholarship pageant - contestant takes answering the interview question to a whole new place. (monologue) (Kacie Adams)


Apoptosis by Sara Lyons

A monologue/scene hybrid about love and rejection framed as a class project on neuron apoptosis. (play) (Callina Anderson, Katherine Rinaldi, Scott Searles and Alexandra Szeto-Joe)


Backfired by Lindsay Partain

Love, hope, and hearing what we want to hear. Anna, a young high school student, tells her tragic story about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. (monologue) (Alexandra Szeto-Joe)


Bloody Mary by Michael Ganley

A comedy about a children’s slumber party game that goes horribly wrong. (play) (Kacie Adams, Mark Gonzalez, Adina Owen, Katherine Rinaldi and Alexandra Szeto-Joe)


Brought to You by the Scarlet Letter by Arthur Jolly

Hester Prynne visits Sesame Street. (play) (Mark Gonzalez, Rafael Lozano, Adina Owen, Chris Szeto-Joe and David Toscano)


Bump in the Night by John Mabey

There's never a good time for a couple-fight, especially during a home invasion. And you're the invaders. (play) (Scott Searles and Alexandra Szeto-Joe)

The Cranks by Alex Dremann

Fran and her husband Frank are equally tired and cranky on the same night. (play) (Mark Gonzalez and Adina Owen)


The Customer is Always Right by Christine Weems

There are two kinds of people - those who have waited tables and those that are jerks. (monologue) (Chris Szeto-Joe)


Cyborgasm by Daniel Potter

Cyborgs have attacked and Burt and Carol work frantically to try and save mankind. Running out of time and ideas, will love save the day? Probably not, but an orgasm might. (play) (Callina Anderson, Mark Gonzalez and Scott Searles)


Dibs by Scott Mullen

Two sisters eyeball men at a wedding reception. (play) (Callina Anderson and Alexandra Szeto-Joe)


Home by Alina Rios

A woman searches for belonging in a world full of responsibilities and expectations as her partner reluctantly follows her around. (play) (Katherine Rinaldi and Chris Szeto-Joe)


It Was a Dark and Stormy Night at Denouement Manor by Bryan Maynard

An inspector tries in vain to wrap up a murder mystery, but the suspects are too clueless to let him finish. (play) (Callina Anderson, Mark Gonzalez, Rafael Lozano, Adina Owen, Alexandra Szeto-Joe, Chris Szeto-Joe and David Toscano) 


La Beaute is in the Eye of the Beholder by Michael Ganley

A comedy about a family’s visit to a doctor on their child’s mysterious ailment with surprising results. (play) (Dolly Cruise, Rafael Lozano, Adina Owen, Scott Searles and Alexandra Szeto-Joe)


Minutes to Midnight by Anna Waldman-Brown

The colonel on duty at a missile detection facility receives an incoming missile warning, and he must decide whether to tell his commander. He calls his mom for advice. (play) (Dolly Cruise, Scott Searles and David Toscano)


My Grandmother’s Hands by Dolly Cruise

When I saw my hands one day, they were my grandmother's hands. I was flooded with memories of my grandmother & how she used her hands through periods in her life, which was not always an easy one. I realize how beautiful her hands really were. (monologue) (Callina Anderson)


Nights in White Cotton by Loretta Wish Bolger

Trying on her wedding dress, which she always wears to her anniversary dinner, leads a woman to a shattering realization and an unexpected crossroads. (monologue) (Adina Owen)

The OC Diet by Daniel Potter

A young adult man struggles with his mother's cancer diagnosis. (monologue) (David Toscano)


The One with the Body by Scott Mullen

A hitman isn't happy to find that his female rival got to the victim first. (play) (Adina Owen and Chris Szeto-Joe)


The Pineapple Line by Steve Hayet

When it comes to taboos, nothing is more divisive than pineapple on pizza. (play) (Rafael Lozano, Katherine Rinaldi and Scott Searles)


Saguaro by Dwayne Yancey

Two border patrol agents in Arizona are on the look-out for illegal immigrants. The veteran explains the desert to the rookie, with a twist at the end. (play) (Scott Searles and David Toscano)


Spare by Jimmy Holder

Cheryl and Billy meet for the first time though they share a past. A small-town bowling alley hosts their ability to share a future. (play) (Dolly Cruise and David Toscano)


Tombstone Tango by Alex Wilkie

A bereaved man is comforted by a minister who teaches him to dance on top of the grave of a deceased nemesis. (play) (Rafael Lozano and Chris Szeto-Joe)


Tune in Tomorrow by Tom Misuraca

Feeling neglected by her daughter, a mother becomes overly invested in her favorite soap opera characters. (play) (Callina Anderson and Dolly Cruise)


Vespers by Christine Foster

The free spirit of a young woman, still blissfully in contact with nature and her intuition, is suppressed by the same authority that destroyed her gifted mother. (monologue) (Katherine Rinaldi)

The View from Here by David Lewison

 A warmly affectionate couple on a casual hike have a sudden and surprising vision of the future of their relationship. (play) (Callina Anderson and Chris Szeto-Joe)


The Viking Funeral of Harold Olafson by Dwayne Yancey.

A young assistant at a funeral home misunderstands a widow’s instructions. (play) (Rafael Lozano and David Toscano) 


Waiting Room by Adina Owen

A woman distracts herself with thoughts of regret, love, and the burden of living as she waits to see if her child makes it out of surgery alive. (monologue) (Katherine Rinaldi)


Whales and Cocktails by Erick Christian Hanson

A woman shares the bizarre truth about how her niece died at the local aquarium. (monologue) (Dolly Cruise)


The Woo Girls Lament by Madison Sedlor

While getting ready for the biggest party weekend of the year Madeline realizes her ID has gone missing. With the help of her roommate Emilia the two try to recount where the missing card had gone... In verse. (play) (Kacie Adams and Katherine Rinaldi)

Yeats by Christopher Moore

Follows a melancholy W.B. Yeats as he roams the woods at Coole, reflecting on romantic disappointment, and the bittersweet effect it has had on his life and work. (monologue) (Scott Searles)

June 18 - July 3, 2021

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM

Monday, June 21 at 8PM

Cone Man Running's Studio 

1824 Spring Street, Suite 233

Houston, Texas 77007

Tickets: $20 


Groups of 7 or more: $12

(+$1/ticket for processing fees if paying with credit card)

To make a reservation to pay cash at the door or for a discounted rate, email here.

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