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Over $2000 raised for the Houston Food Bank as well sa 322 canned good!


The Regional Premiere of



By David L. Williams


Directed by Sam Martinez


John and Michelle, a lovely young couple, are faced with a problem: The TV news just told them Armageddon is here. Talk about ruining a Friday night! But John and Michelle turn lemons into lemonade by throwing an end of the world party. With dancing!! When the friends and friends of friends packed into the apartment learn the end is nigh, the party takes a turn. Guests list everything they won't miss about the world, fights ensue, people ask to be killed, others grants their requests, lovers couple and uncouple for Armageddon sex, and talk of Revelation and great music fill the air. Like any good party.



Michelle - Stacey Carraro
John - Jonathan Moonen
Tom - Austin Heps
Trixie - Mary Mink
Clea - Kacie Adams
Charlie - Robert Durante
Janis - Megan Nix
Monty - Mynor Eddie Rodriguez
Erika May - Rebecca Goldstein

Stage Manager: Schrenia Bockholt

January 7-23, 2016


Obsidian Theatre

3522 White Oak



CMR/Student: $15






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