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October 4 - 20, 2018

Thursday - Saturday

Monday, October 8, 2018

All shows at 8PM.

Studio 101

1824 Spring Street

Houston, Texas 77007

Tickets: $25

Students/Seniors/CMR: $15

Email: to make reservations!


Ah, the struggles of being British, rich and self-absorbed. The tribulations of the wealthy can be rather difficult to manage. So serve pâté or caviar? Which high-end brandy should be stocked at all times and in which crystal decanter? What to do when the hired help doesnt show up and you simply must throw a fabulous dinner party? Or how to handle the replacement houseboy who happens to be a zombie? Normally that would cause problems, only there are so many other, more pressing concerns, like how to hide your affair when you're trying to get your spouse to admit that they are having an affair? Is it possible to be so self-absorbed that you don't even realize that there's a zombie among you? Come see "The Importance of Eating Earnest" and find out who gets eaten first.

Starring: Corey Barron, Ryan Kelly, Analia McEnelly, Nicole Nesson, Adina Owen, John Raley and Dano Colon as "Earnest"

Directed by Christine Weems

Stage Managed by Tanya Terry

Set Design by Clinton Hopper

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