Over $2000 raised for the Houston Food Bank as well sa 322 canned good!


March 10-19, 2016

Thursday - Saturday at 8PM

Sunday at 2PM


Obsidian Theatre

3522 White Oak



CMR/Student: $12



The World Premiere of



Written and Directed by Elizabeth A.M. Keel


Loreliar comes from a long line of ancient and effective sex demons. But when she leaves the family business to open a modest coffee shop, her siblings rush up from Hell to investigate. Their worst fears are confirmed when they discover she has quit in order to be near a mortal man. Despite her protests, they wreak loving havoc in an attempt to win her back. Featuring original songs, dance numbers, pink muffins, and an orgy, this hellacious comedy reminds us of the true powers of friends and family. 




Loreliar: Melissa Molano
Nicold: Katherine Cunningham
Shaden: Cameron Dunbar
Kitty: Laura Moreno
Kat: Lindsey Ball
Wendy: Elizabeth Red
Wanda: Margaret Lewis
Maxwell: William Sanders
Noah: Greg Cote
Voice of Mother Drainer: Nikki Wuertz


Stage Manager: Maddie Michel


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