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Best in Show - Armageddon Too Old For These Zombies

Best Script - Period Piece

Best Use of Genre - Lovingly She Slurs

Best Use of Invention - Lovingly She Slurs

Best Use of Prop - Period Piece

A 24 Hour Play Festival

One Night Only - March 3, 2012


Cone Man Running Productions brought their fun style of pop-up theatre to Houston for ONE NIGHT ONLY for a 24 hour play festival!


The playwrights picked their genres out of a hat and had to include the following parameters:


THEME: Invention 


LINE: "You're like the __________, I never had - __________, __________, and __________."


They were given from 7PM to 8AM to write when they handed off the scripts to the Directors who were told they had to incorporate a Prop:


PROP: a kite



With only 11 hours to rehearse, this is the theatrical havoc they created:


Lovingly She Slurs by Michael Weems

Directed by Alan Gardiner-Atkinson

Starring: Elizabeth Fairchild, Melissa McEver and Trish Needom

Genre: Spy


Hitch Your Wagon to My Tornado by Leighza Walker

Directed by Gretchen Almouraghby
Starring: Suzanne King, Sam Schnuer and Mark Stanley
Genre: Action/Adventure


Formula 80 by L. Robert Westeen

Directed by Kathy Drum

Starring: Danny Kamin, Robert Lowe and Bryan Maynard

Genre: 80s Teen


Armageddon Tired of These Zombies by Ben Plopper

Directed by Lauren Tunnell

Starring: Tim Ashby, Autumn Clack and Randi Hall

Genre: Science Fiction


After a Fairytale Ending by Conor Farrell

Directed by Zona Jane Meyer

Starring: Josh Baker, Ruth McCleskey and Eddie Rodriguez

Genre: Disney



Period Piece by Gene Kato

Directed by Ricky Welch

Starring: LeeAnne Denny, Sierra Irwin and Alane Johnson

Genre: Period Piece



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