Best in Show - Armageddon Too Old For These Zombies

Best Script - Period Piece

Best Use of Genre - Lovingly She Slurs

Best Use of Invention - Lovingly She Slurs

Best Use of Prop - Period Piece

Lovingly She Slurs
Lovingly She Slurs

Trish Needom, Elizabeth Fairchild

Lovingly She Slurs
Lovingly She Slurs

Elizabeth Fairchild, Trish Needom

Period Piece
Period Piece

Sierra Irwin, Alane Johnson, LeeAnne Denny

Lovingly She Slurs
Lovingly She Slurs

Trish Needom, Elizabeth Fairchild


A 24 Hour Play Festival

One Night Only - March 3, 2012


Cone Man Running Productions brought their fun style of pop-up theatre to Houston for ONE NIGHT ONLY for a 24 hour play festival!


The playwrights picked their genres out of a hat and had to include the following parameters:


THEME: Invention 


LINE: "You're like the __________, I never had - __________, __________, and __________."


They were given from 7PM to 8AM to write when they handed off the scripts to the Directors who were told they had to incorporate a Prop:


PROP: a kite



With only 11 hours to rehearse, this is the theatrical havoc they created:


Lovingly She Slurs by Michael Weems

Directed by Alan Gardiner-Atkinson

Starring: Elizabeth Fairchild, Melissa McEver and Trish Needom

Genre: Spy


Hitch Your Wagon to My Tornado by Leighza Walker

Directed by Gretchen Almouraghby
Starring: Suzanne King, Sam Schnuer and Mark Stanley
Genre: Action/Adventure


Formula 80 by L. Robert Westeen

Directed by Kathy Drum

Starring: Danny Kamin, Robert Lowe and Bryan Maynard

Genre: 80s Teen


Armageddon Tired of These Zombies by Ben Plopper

Directed by Lauren Tunnell

Starring: Tim Ashby, Autumn Clack and Randi Hall

Genre: Science Fiction


After a Fairytale Ending by Conor Farrell

Directed by Zona Jane Meyer

Starring: Josh Baker, Ruth McCleskey and Eddie Rodriguez

Genre: Disney



Period Piece by Gene Kato

Directed by Ricky Welch

Starring: LeeAnne Denny, Sierra Irwin and Alane Johnson

Genre: Period Piece