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Cone Man Running's Inaugural Production -  A Night of Original One Act Plays

October 28 & 29, 2011

Cone Man Running Productions debuted in Houston with a night of one acts to give the audience a sampling of diverse works and incredible talent. The shows are:

Book of Love by Michael Weems
Tara is a love machine who is going to have that baby whether her hubby, Will, wants it or not. Tara is a love machine that's gone a little haywire and with only one route back to reality - Will.
Directed by Sam Schnuer

Starring: Trish Needom and Eddie Rodriguez

The Truth of a Lie at the Heart of a Deception by Carl L. Williams

Monty’s ‘grueling’ rehab includes two therapists (one for morning, one for afternoon) and a rather knowing wife.
Directed by Eddie Rodriguez

Starring: Louis Crespo, Melissa McEver, Trish Needom and Ruth Shauberger McCleskey

Guayaba Tree by Peter Wittenberg
As hungry neighborhood kids pick from Mom's guayaba tree, she smiles. When her son accuses them of stealing, she displays a similar generosity in sharing an unspoken part of her history.
Directed by Christine Weems

Starring: Dolly Fischer and Sam Martinez

​Anniversary Special by Nora Vetter

A pair of burnt out waiters enjoy a game of cat and mouse with an unsuspecting couple.
Directed by Christine Weems

Starring: Louis Crespo, Loren Jackson, Erin Elizabeth Reed and Laura Schlecht

​Speaking to Spirits with James Goodwin by Nicholas Garelick

A ghost whisperer with a national TV show gets much more than he bargained for when the voices start talking back.
Directed by Laura Schlecht

Starring: Scott Holmes, Sudeane Holmes, Christy Jimmerson, Sam Martinez and Melissa McEver

​Untitled (Self Portrait) by Eric James

A chance meeting in front of a masterpiece provides solace and hope to a pair of kindred spirits.
Directed by L. Robert Westeen

Starring Robert Lowe and Zona Jane Meyer

​Martin by L. Robert Westeen

Wedding: The most heinous act imaginable… especially to a guy who’s losing his hag.
Directed by Lonnie Westeen

Starring: Amanda Brock, Nicholas Garelick and Sam Schnuer

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