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April 13 - 29, 2017

Thursday - Saturday at 8PM

Sunday at 2PM

No show on Easter, 04/16

Obsidian Theatre

3522 White Oak

15- year old Julie runs away from home to escape her abusive father, her delusional mother and her autistic younger brother, only to find herself knocked up by her drug dealing boyfriend, harassed by her selfish older sister, and shunned by her Born-Again Christian friend.  But, when she contemplates abortion, that's when the play gets really funny.  Mature audiences only.

Directed by Cheramie Hopper


Julie - Cindy Lou Parker

Mom - Laura Moreno

Dad - Zach Braver

Jeff - Nick Pinelli

Allison - Carrie Lee Sparks

Hector - Ricky Rojas

Margaret - Katy Butler

Run Crew #1 - Sundi Lee

Run Crew #2 - Bailey Hampton

Stage Manager - Maddie Michel

If you see WHERE'S JULIE, you can see BARRYMORE for only $10!

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