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2020 got you feeling rusty? Need to dust off your skills? Cone Man T.R.A.C.K.S. is the pay-what-you-can, join-when-you-can approach to acting class.  With an emphasis on collaborative knowledge and space to experiment, participants can explore a variety of acting exercises with a new focus each week. Meet fellow artists. Deepen your skills. Let Whitney Zangarine help you get yourself ON T.R.A.C.K.S.!

Class Information:

- 10 weeks of classes, hosted each Sunday 1:30PM-3:30PM

- Classes are in person and available for any actor aged 18 and up

- Suggested materials for students to bring: water, pencil, notebook for notes, comfortable clothes you can move in

CLASS 1 (June 27)

o   Breath and Body Works: Reconnect with your basic tools


o   A is for Auditions: Cold Reading, Self-Taping, Monologue Selection, oh my!

CLASS 3 (July 18)

o   There’s No Crying in Baseball, But There is Onstage: Trust and vulnerability

o   **Actors are asked to bring in a personal item for this class**

CLASS 4 (July 25)

o   Character Development: You booked the gig…now what?

CLASS 5 (August 1)

o   I Wanna Act With Somebody: You just want to do some scene work? You got it boss!

CLASS 6 (August 8)

o   Can You Hear Me Now?: Active listening in scene work

CLASS 7 (August 15)

o   Intimacy Works: Explore staged intimacy in an actor-as-advocate setting

CLASS 8 (August 22)

o   What’s My Motivation?: Script analysis with a focus on TACTICS and OBJECTIVES

CLASS 9 (August 29)

o   Improv-a-rama: Improv games and exercises with a bunch of other people who don’t know what they’re doing


CLASS 10 (September 5)

o   I Wanna Act With Somebody, Part II: Bring a scene you’ve always wanted to try, or discover a new scene! 


Classes will be live and in person at Cone Man Running Productions Studio at

1824 Spring Street, Suite 233


Cone Man Running Productions is guided by and intends to remain in compliance with the CDC.  We ask those that everyone wear a mask regardless of vaccination status and exercise social distancing when practicable for their own safety.

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Whitney Zangarine is a frequent face on the Cone Man Running stage, having appeared as Ms. White in Clue, Riley in Separating the Art, Cindy in The Cindy Variations, Elizabeth in Fragments, three iterations of The Five Minute Mile and numerous Spontaneous Smatterings.  Whitney has also performed with the All Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, Main Street Theatre, Obsidian Theatre, Boiling Point Players, Bayou City Theatre, Queensbury Theatre and more.  In addition to being an actor, Whitney is a Teaching Artist with PMT Productions and is in the works to become a certified Intimacy Coordinator. 


Please register below.  All classes are pay what you can and you can just go to the ones that interest you or that you are available for!

If you have any questions, please email us here!

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