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Over $2000 raised for the Houston Food Bank as well sa 322 canned good!


Cone Man Running's sketch

comedy group is back!


Do you like your comedy in hysterically funny, bite-sized chunks?  Do you want to know what happens when the entire human population dies off, when puppies are awaiting adoption, when a superhero with superquirks gets captured or when Glinda the Good Witch has to investigate a homicide?  The Not Toronto Players are bringing you a wide range of funny - from commentary about politicians, social media and business survival tactics to farm animals.  

This night of sketch comedy features the written work of Autumn Clack and Ruth McCleskey, Fernando Dovalina, Conor Farrell, Nicholas Garelick, Bryan Maynard, Kris Thompson and Michael Weems! 

And you are going to get to see some damn funny people in action:

Yunina Barbour-Payne
Sam Denomy
Nicholas Garelick
Lauren Hainley
Amanda Maynard
Bryan Maynard
Jonathan Moonen
Michael Raabe
Helen Rios
Christine Weems

It will make you chuckle, laugh, snort, guffaw - maybe even spit take.  You know you want to...

To make reservations, email

See both The Show Might Go On and The Not Toronto Players  for only $28!

Friday, 07/08

Saturday, 07/09

Friday, 07/15

Saturday, 07/16

at 10:30PM

Monday, 07/11

at 8PM

Obsidian Theatre

3522 White Oak



CMR/Student: $12


See both The Show Might Go On and The Not Toronto Players  for only $28!

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