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Cone Man Running is celebrating ten years of original theatre and fun by bringing our unique brand of pop up theatre back onstage! 

You know the drill - Christine gives the playwrights the themes and they draw their actors at random. Then the writing magic happens overnight and the next morning, the completed short scripts get handed off to our band of intrepid actors who are going to bring these plays to life  in any way creative way they can! They get the day to find props, costumes, and try to block the show during the day for two shows, live and in person, that night: 7PM and 9:30PM!

And yes, you will still get to vote on your favorite awards like Best Script, Best Use of Prop, Cast That Look Like They Had the Most Fun and Best In Show!

We certainly hope you will join us for our typical brand of hoopla and fun.

And as always, there will be a shot waiting for you at the door (if you want one) and all ticket sales will benefit the Houston Food Bank.

Saturday, December 4, 2021
7PM and 9:30PM 

Studio 101
Spring Street Studios
1824 Spring Street

Tickets: $20 (all ticket sales benefit the Houston Food Bank) 
$1 off per canned good donate (up to $5 off per ticket)
Buy tickets with a credit card at the form at the bottom of the page or email to make a reservation and pay at the door!

PARTICIPANTS (subject to change):

Playwrights: Fernando Dovalina, Conor Farrell, Nicholas Garelick, Bryan Maynard, Ruth McCleskey, Colleen O' Doherty, Kris Thompson and Michael Weems 

Directors: Rebecca Bernstein, Eric Dunlap, Jason Rivas, Aimee Small, Erica Smith and Logan Vaden

Actors: Kacie Adams, Jada August, Tony Buzbee, John Carraro, Autumn Clack, Dano Colon, Aditi Deal, Ty Fisher, Caryn Fulda, Aaron Garrett, Sherra Gilbert, Mark Gonzalez, Jenny Grabowski, Brian Kondrach, Qasim Makkani, Sam Martinez, Jay Menchaca, Mathew Mendoza, Mary Mink, Ramina Mirmortazavi, Nicole Nesson, Megan Nix, Cindy Lou Parker and Michael Raabe

Artistic Director - Christine Weems
Stage Manager/Technical Director/Our Theatrical Man About Town - Josh T. Baker

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