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Cone Man Running is bringing our unique brand of pop up theatre right into your living room! We are taking our Smattering across the country and with actors scattered (see what I did there?) across the United States, we are excited to tackle this new format of zoom theatre and put our own spin on it!

You know the drill - Christine gives the playwrights the themes and they draw their actors at random. Then the writing magic happens overnight and the next morning, the completed short scripts get handed off to our band of intrepid actors who are going to make a new kind of theatre magic by working to bring these plays to life over zoom in any way creative way they can! They get the day to find props, costumes, and try to block the show in a way that will hopefully make you forget that everyone is in different places!

Then one show only at 7PM CST on Saturday, November 21 - streamed directly into your home.

This Scattering is our way of thanking everyone who supported us through the time of COVID as well as those who continue to support our Save Our Space Fundraiser. A donation of any size will get you a link where you can live stream the show and maybe even comment as it happens? (We will turn on the comment function while the show is happening so it's like you're watching with friends no matter where you are!). And if you can't make it that night, with a donation we will still send you the link so you can experience after the fact (as well as any real time commenting!).

And yes, you will still get to vote on your favorite awards (thankfully, cones are easy to ship!).

We certainly hope you will join us for our typical brand of hoopla and fun.

You can make a donation of any size here:

Once you donate, we will forward you the link to where you can live stream the Scattering on Saturday, November 21 at 7PM!

Thank you so much for all of your support!!

PARTICIPANTS (subject to change):

Playwrights: Kacie Adams, Conor Farrell, Nicholas Garelick, Bryan Maynard, Colleen O' Doherty, Ben Plopper, Cassie Randall, Kris Thompson, Michael Weems and David L. Williams

Directors: Rebecca Bernstein,

Steve Carpentier, Erica Chmielewski, Eric Dunlap, Kelsey Finstad, Lauren Hainley, RaMina Mirmortazavi, Sarah Sneesby, Aimee Todoroff and Leighza Walker

Actors: Mary Andrechik, Helen Baker, Steve Brown, Rachel Brownhill, Audrey Burkhart, Sophia Carraro, Brian Chambers, Autumn Clack, Ty Fisher, Caryn Fulda, Sherra Gilbert, Jonathan Gonzalez, Jenny Grawboski, Elizabeth Grant, Reed Halvorson, Bailey Hampton, Cheramie Hopper, Sarah Keller, Brian Kondrach, Qasim Makkani, Ruth McCleskey, Nicole Nesson, Megan Nix, Adina Owen, Kealoha Petersen, Dan Potter, Michael Raabe, Sandra Ramsey, Troy Rice, Jonny Ringo, Helen Rios, Jason Rivas, Melissa Rodriguez, Kevin Sebastian, Carrie Lee Sparks, and Whitney Zangarine

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