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Cone Man Running Productions is proud to present a co-production with Front Pocket Productions of a new play!

Thursday, 02/08 at 7:30PM

Friday, 02/09 at 8PM

Saturday 02/10 at 3PM and 8PM

The Beacon Theatre

5102 Navigation Blvd.

Houston, TX 77011

Tickets: $20

Email: to make reservations!

If only they had lived, Romeo and Juliet could have had their happily ever after... Well, it turns out, they got the living part down, it's the happily ever after they need some work on. R and J have faked their deaths and are hiding away so they can be together forever... and ever... and ever. But are the lives they have dreamed of the lives they actually want? Did they experience love at first sight, or are we about to watch it go out the window?

Directed by Nnamdi Nwankwo

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