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17 Actors in Search of 14 Playwrights to Write 2 Original Full Length Plays

Fourteen playwrights in two groups of seven will each write 15 minutes of a play.  In true relay style, they will each have 24 hours to write their 15 pages before they hand it off to the next playwright. They are provided the actors that are in each performance and only need to provide the play.The catch? Each playwright only gets to see the 15 pages that immediately precede the 15 pages they are writing and no more. After seven days, the completed 105 page play will be assembled, rehearsed and performed in a staged reading by the actors the parts were specifically written for.


Cone Man Running embarked on another round of it's theatrical experiment - a theatrical "exquisite corpse" (if you don't know what one is - look it up!).





Friday, April 18, 2014 and Saturday, April 19, 2014


Company OnStage

536 Westbury Square,

Houston, TX


Tickets are pay what you want!

THE FRIDAY NIGHT SHOW: "A Semi Roman Holiday" 


This colorful piece about an exchange student in Rome who falls in love with a muse who is then forced to go on trial by combat for engaging in a romantic relationship with a mortal was written by the following writers - 15 pages each, 24 hours at a time and in this order:

L. Robert Westeen
James Cameron Cooper
Eric Christopher Jones
Lauren Tunnell Verdeyen
Nicholas Garelick
Conor Farrell
Eric James

It starred the following deliciously talented individuals:

Fred (Lisa's Father) - Scott Holmes
Molly (Lisa's Mother) - Sonia Kronberg
Gina (Lisa's Lover - literally a Muse) - LeeAnne Melhorn Denny
Lisa (the exchange student) - Ruth S McCleskey
Rosalie (Gina's sister - also literally a Muse) - Melissa McEver Huckabay
Sophia (Gina's sister - also literally a Muse) - Jess Levasseur
Iris (Messenger and Attendant to Themis) - Nicholl Varga
Themis (Goddess of Divine Justice) - Haley E R Cooper

Staged Reading at Company OnStage
Friday, April 18, 2014

THE SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW: "Educational Attainment" 


It starts with parents dropping off a shy young girl off at college and becomes an escapade to try to figure out what mischief her parents get into in a small college town. Drinking, vomiting and references to midget porn abound. This collegiate romp was written - 15 pages at a clip, 24 hours at a time by the following playwrights in the following order:

Michael Weems
Kris Gauger Thompson
Kris Verdeyen
Alex Scott
Devan Wade
Ben Plopper
Fernando Dovalina

The brave and intrepid actors who went for the gusto are:

Jonathan Simpson (Becky's dad) - Bob Galley
Heather Simpson (Becky's mom) - Jada August
Becky Simpson (the college freshman) - Cindy Lou Parker
Cara Lichtenstein (Becky's roommate) - Miatta Lebile
Wesley Williams (the dorm drunk) - Billy Chmielewski
Emily Hendrix (the Puritanical extreme) - Lauren A. Hainley
Willow Wayne (one of Emily's converts) - Amy Pope
Jenny Cavanaugh (the RA that's been around the block - Erica Smith Chmielewski
Kate O'Flannagan (the bar owner and discontinuer of the 20 ounce Buttery Nipple) - Jada August 

Staged Reading at Company OnStage
Saturday, April 19, 2014

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