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John Stevens takes the stage in this one man show as 60 year old legendary actor and professional alcoholic, John Barrymore.  Barrymore has rented a stage to prepare for a comeback performance of Richard III.  The iconic Barrymore jokes with the audience, spars with an off-stage prompter, reminisces about better times and does delicious imitations of his siblings Lionel and Ethel.

The play was a hit on Broadway, winning Christopher Plummer a Tony award for his work in this show.


John Stevens as John Barrymore

Samuel Denomy as the Prompter

If you see BARRYMORE, you can see WHERE'S JULIE? for only $10!

Monday 04/17

Wednesday 04/19

Sunday 04/23

Monday 04/24

Wednesday 04/26

All shows at 8PM

Obsidian Theatre

3522 White Oak

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