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The World Premiere of

SEPARATING THE ART by David L. Williams


Directed by Ruth McCleskey.

When the work of an artist with a checkered past (and present) is vandalized, gallery curator Riley must wrestle with the notion of separating the art from the artist, and if that's even possible. When a group that purchases work by problematic artists enters the picture, Riley tries to save the painting she loves, and suffers the consequences.


Riley Becker– Whitney Zangarine
Adriana Kirkland – Andrea Torres-Aldana
Rainer Alessandro – John Stevens
Margot Cepeda – Karla Brandau
Christine Brooks – Sammi Sicinski
Ivy Edmonds – Sandra Ramsey

Director – Ruth McCleskey
Stage Manager – Amy Pope
Assistant Director– Callina Anderson
Light Designer – Aaron Garrett
Sound Designer - Amy Pope
Costume Designer - Katherine Rinaldi
Set Designer - Christine Weems
Musician/Composer– Sandra Ramsey

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