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Show dates:

Thursday, Nov 14 at 8PM

Friday, Nov 15 at 8PM

Saturday, Nov 16 at 8PM

Sunday, Nov 17 at 3PM

Monday, Nov 18 at 8PM (pay what you can night)

Thursday, Nov 21 at 8PM

Friday, Nov 22 at 8PM

Saturday, Nov 23 at 8PM

Studio 101

1824 Spring Street

Suite 101

Houston, Texas 77007

Tickets: $40

$25 for seniors (65 years and older) and groups of 8 or more

$15 for students

Cone Man Running Productions presents

INHERIT THE WIND by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

*presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York

Directed by Christine Weems

Inspired by the infamous Scopes “Monkey” Trial, Inherit the Wind is a fictionalized account of the Trial of the Century where two courtroom legends invade a small southern town to do battle over a schoolteacher on trial for teaching evolution in the classroom. Religion and science collide in a court of law as the world watches on in a story that remains as relevant today as it was over 60 years ago when it was written.

This production features a cast of talented actors as well as local attorneys in the Houston community including John Raley - known for his work in proving the innocence of Michael Morton who was wrongfully convicted for murdering his wife.  Raley takes on the role of Charles Drummond, a character based on one of the pre-eminent civil rights lawyers of our time - Clarence Darrow. 

Cast: Brandon Barchus, Patrick Barton, Rebecca Bernstein, Catherine deBlieux, Sherra Gilbert, Jonathan Gonzalez, Brian Heaton, Pin Lim, Rafael Lozano, Michael Marlowe, Patrice McKinney, Chance McMillan, Mathew Mendoza, Drew Oliver, Kealoha Petersen, Mason Puryear, John Raley, Andrea Roth, John Stevens and Tanya Terry

At Studio 101 at Spring Street Studios

1824 Spring Street

Suite 101

Houston, Texas 77007


Show dates:

Thursday, November 14 at 8PM

Friday, November 15 at 8PM

Saturday, November 16 at 8PM

Sunday, November 17 at 3PM

Monday, November 18 at 8PM (pay what you can night)

Thursday, November 21 at 8PM

Friday, November 22 at 8PM

Saturday, November 23 at 8PM

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