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Cone Man Running is excited to be tackling Alan Ayckbourn’s comedic masterpiece of plays - House/Garden!


14 actors, two comedies performed on two adjoining stages!

If you go see HOUSE:


What do you expect when you are trying to juggle a future in politics, breaking up with your lover, a wife who won’t speak to you, an old chum who looks like he’s making the moves on your teenage daughter while a French actress you can’t communicate with throws herself at you? And that’s just what happens in HOUSE!


If you go see GARDEN:


A garden festival turns chaotic when a woman scorned is driven to hiding in bushes and assuming her husband and son are clones.  Maypoles, Morris dancing, a broken fountain and a fortune teller's tent add to the insanity causing the unraveling of all kinds of relationships - spouses, friends, lovers.  When the rain threatens the event, a farce unfolds, forcing everyone to face the repercussions of their sexual decisions.

The plays can be seen in any order and we certainly hope you will join us in catching both plays on separate nights!  Or both on the same day on Sunday - there's are 3PM and 8PM shows that day!

Starring: Kacie Adams, Steve Brown, Autumn Clack, Dano Colon, Bailey Hampton, Ian Lewis, Sam Martinez, Ruth McClesky, Mary Mink, Megan Nix, Alice Rhoades, Terrance Simon, Tom Stell and Whitney Zangarine

House in Suite 233                          

Garden in Studio 101                            


Spring Street Studios                           

1824 Spring Street                               

Houston, Texas 77007                        


Tickets: $30 per show or see both for $50!

Show dates:

Friday, December 6 at 8PM

Saturday, December 7 at 8PM

Sunday, December 8

            at 3PM and 8PM

Friday, December 13 at 8PM

Saturday, December 14 at 8PM

Sunday, December 15 at 8PM

Both shows at

Spring Street Studios

1824 Spring Street

Suite 101

Houston, Texas 77007

House in Suite 233

Garden in Studio 101

Tickets: $30

$25 for seniors (65 years and older) and groups of 8 or more

$15 for students

Or see both for a reduced price!

Regular tickets: $50 for both

Senior tickets: $40 for both

Students tickets: $25 for both

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