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We are excited to start the second iteration of our War of the Words.  This year we invited 26 playwrights to write their way into the bracket with a 5 minute audioplay.  The playwrights were divided into 4 groups and will each write a 5 minute play based on an assigned sound cue and theme and using actors drawn at random.  The audioplays for each group will be released as an episode every Monday over the course of 4 weeks.  After each episode is released, the audience will vote on their four favorites of each group!  The top four vote getters in each group will move into our second ever Sweet Sixteen audioplay bracket!

Episode 1 (released Monday, May 3)

Playwrights: Fernando Dovalina, Ruth McCleskey, Dan Potter, Kris Thompson, Lauren Tunnell, Michael Weems

Episode 2 (released Monday, May 10)

Playwrights: Michael Ganley, Nicholas Garelick, Jon Harvey, Qasim Makkani, Adina Owen, Cassie Randall, Ruben Ybarra

Episode 3 (released Monday, May 17)

Playwrights: Reed Halvorson, Nicole Nesson, Marj O'Neill Butler, Ben Plopper, Nora Vetter, David L. Williams

Episode 4 (released Monday, May 24)

Playwrights: Claire Anderson, Evan Baughfman, Rachael Carnes, Conor Farrell, Eric C. Jones, Colleen O'Doherty, Jason Jonathan Rivas

Episode 5 (released Monday, May 31)

Announcment of the the winners of Play-in Round Group 4!

Episode 6 (released Monday, June 14)

Sweet 16 Round 1 - Nesson v. Potter

voting open until Sunday, June 20 at 11:59PM

The Send Off by Nicole Nesson

Directed by Renata Smith

Voice Actors: Steve Brown, Brit Garcia and Skyler Wuolle


Broken Together by Dan Potter

Directed by Christine Weems

Voice Actors: Jonathan Moonen, Adina Owen and Sarah Willett

Episode 7 (released Friday, June 18)

Sweet 16 Round 2 - Baughfman v. Williams

voting open until Wednesday, June 23 at 11:59PM

Room for Two by Evan Baughfman

Directed by Renata Smith

Voice Actors: Schrenia Bockholt, Michael Raabe and Jason Rivas


Off the Beaten Path by David L. Williams

Directed by Christine Weems

Voice Actors: Caryn Fulda, Reed Halvorson and John Raley

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Episode 8 (released Monday, June 21, 2021)

Sweet 16 Round 3 - Halvorson v. Vetter

voting open until Sunday, June 27 at 11:59PM

Perfectly Imperfect by Reed Halvorson

Directed by Renata Smith

Voice Actors: Ben Plopper, Dan Potter, Helen Rios and Kevin Sebastian


Hanoi Rocks by Nora Vetter

Directed by Christine Weems

Voice Actors: Helen Baker, Bryan Maynard and Kealoha Petersen