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Cone Man Running Productions is proud to announce our upcoming Halloween audio plays - 'Cone Man's Cauldron'. The series will feature 31 nights of spooky, original content for our listeners for the holiday season and will be produced and released as part of our War of the Words podcast.

Submission details:

- 3 plays maximum can be submitted per author.

- No more than 15 pages. No minimum page limit.

- Monologues are allowed, but please limit to 5 pages maximum

- No licensed or copyrighted music.

- No stage directions.

- Sound cues should be clearly indicated in the script.

- No plays allowed that were featured in our War of the Words series.

- Submission window is Open until Saturday, September 19th. The selected plays will be announced no later than Thursday September 24th and posted to our website and social media.

Send submissions to:

A few notes!

We anticipate an abundance of excellent scripts, but will not be able to produce all that are submitted, as we are only producing 31 podcasts total. As we, like all of our theatrical cohorts, are having to find new ways to raise funds and pay rent, we will not be able to offer a stipend or royalty for these audio performances. By submitting you grant us permission to photograph and record your play for archival, PR, and streaming purposes.

Feel free to play with the idea of Halloween – this can be gothic, straight horror, thrillers, or even more family friendly tales. Have fun!

If you want to check out our past audioplay works, check out the War of the Words podcast on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Or you can find links to the podcast here.